Label: EMI / RabbleRouser Music

Cat No: 50999-687122-2-8

Release date: 14 September 2009

UK tour: October 2009

Following on from their Mercury Prize nomination, Geordie folk inventors Rachel Unthank & The Winterset are back with a name tweak (The Unthanks), revised line-up and a brand new album Here's The Tender Coming (EMI) that rests not one jot on the incomparable sound that has earned them admirers from the ranks of Radiohead, Portishead, Robert Wyatt, Ben Folds, Nic Jones, Ewan McGregor, writer and broadcaster Paul Morley and Nick Hornby.

"The Bairns was so bleak and sparse that we didn't feel we could build on its intensity," explains Rachel, "and besides, we like to keep stimulated and moving creatively. We were never going to do the opposite and make a happy album!.. but Here's The Tender Coming is hopefully a warmer, calmer shade of sad than The Bairns."

Here's The Tender Coming is named after the title track of the album, in which the Tender is the boat coming to press the men of the North-East into war, but as an album title, it works as a metaphor for the melancholic, reflective shift in mood from The Unthanks.

While the abbreviated name reflects the long-established reality that the band is co-fronted by Rachel Unthank's sister Becky Unthank, the real development sees an extended arrangement approach that includes drums and bass, all kinds of tuned percussion, strings and brass and The Unthank's producer Adrian McNally taking on piano responsibilities from Stef Conner who returns to finish the final year of her PHD, having kept her studies going while playing over 100 shows in the shoes of departed Winterset member Belinda O'Hooley.

Rachel: "Adrian is a previously invisible but very real member of the band who, already a creative force in the engine room, after some persuasion from myself, Becky and Niopha, is finally taking the stage."

"I've always wanted to avoid getting involved in a playing capacity," says Adrian. "As soon as you become physically involved in music, any vision you might have as an arranger and producer gets clouded by insecurity. As a limited musician, I always felt I was better off getting the best out of others, but on this album, circumstances prevailed and I found myself playing allsorts!"

McNally's childhood friend Chris Price becomes a new member, playing guitar, bass, ukelele and dulcitone on the album, while Winterset key member Niopha Keegan continues on violin and accordion, plus a bit of mandolin this time. "Niopha's playing has been so important while we've been making so many changes," says Rachel. "As soon as she adds on what she does, it instantly sounds like us! Her playing is so grounded in tradition. For all that we try to be different, it's the hard edge of her trad style that for me brings a cutting edge and takes us right back to where we belong."



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"Even more satisfying, compelling and varied than the Mercury-
nominated The Bairns. Haunting, original and magnificent"


"Absolutely exquisite. A real work of art"



"We probably think the album sounds more different to our previous work than it does," says Adrian McNally, the band's producer and reluctant new pianist. "Apart from the Beatles cover we did for Mojo Magazine (Sexy Sadie), it's the first time we've used drums and bass, and it has lots of bigger arrangements, but after six months of working on it, I'm hearing it for the first time now as a listener, and finding that after all the hard work, it still sounds like us! The predominant thing I'm hearing is Rachel and Becky's vocals, and I'm thrilled about that, because it means that however new the arrangement sound may or may not be, it isn't getting in the way of their personality and storytelling. And that was my goal from the start; as much as I've had my head immersed in the music for six months, I wanted to produce an album that was more about the singing."

Here's The Tender Coming is the usual Unthank mix of traditional song, self-penned (this time McNally's Lucky Gilchrist, written as a cele-bration of a close friend of Rachel's who died young last year) and song written in the folk idiom, imaginatively borrowed from writers little known outside the folk world and mostly from the North East of England. Yet in Annachie Gordon there are overtones of Steve Reich counterpoint, Beach Boys / Fleet Foxes playful harmony in opener Because He Was A Bonnie Lad, shades of Antony & The Johnsons in the opening to Flowers of the Town, the quietly shambolic eccentricity of Robert Wyatt in Living By The Water, and in Lucky Gilchrist the playful joy of Sufjan Stevens.

Recorded and mixed in Newcastle Upon Tyne, again The Unthanks have drawn on a cast of North East extras to colour their sound, using the same string players from the Northern Sinfonia as on The Bairns, Neil Harland and Julian Sutton again on double bass and melodeon, a Tyneside brass elite of Graham Hardy, Simon Tarrant and Chris Hibbard, and London cellist Jo Silverston, who colloborated on her parts in Flowers of the Town and Here's The Tender Coming.

Here's The Tender Coming is the sound of a creative team with no interest in resting on laurels, preferring the adventures of a new chapter to the comfort of a winning reputation.

The Unthanks
--a name tweak

From Rachel: "It makes me very happy and proud to be changing our name to The Unthanks, and relieved too, as my sister Becky has shared lead vocals with me from the start. Back then when she was just 17, about to start university and unsure about committing indefinitely to our partnership, we chose a name that gave her the freedom that was perhaps key to us still being together now.

A New Line-Up

Adrian McNally: Piano, Drums, Tuned Percussion

Born and bred in a small mining village near Barnsley, Adrian has been managing, producing and co-arranging for Rachel and Becky from the start, but only now takes a playing role. Rachel and Adrian married in January. "Adrian has always been a part of our creative process and now he’ll be visibly on stage" says Becky. "When you find a creative relationship that works, when you find that communication and understanding its exciting and you’ve got to treasure it."

Chris Price: Guitar, Bass, Ukelele, Dulcitone

Born and bred three doors from Adrian, Chris is a classic case of a multi-talented natural musician without a home. Not any more! "Chris has an energy, musicality, focus and positivity” says Rachel ”that rubs off on us all. Chris and Adrian have a rapport that stems from childhood and he has been quickly assimilated into the family Unthank, whether he likes it or not!"

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