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JOHN CROSBY is one of the UK's leading independent folk, world and related acoustic music PR's. He works both nationally and locally with print, radio, online and TV media.

Established in 1990, and trading initially as john crosby press/promotions, John currently (as of late 2015-2016) works with Lau, Steve Tilston, Oysterband (either as the full band or with June Tabor, and currently as a trio Oysters3), John Jones, Kris Drever (solo and with Éamonn Coyne), Sarah HayesTwelfth Day, Treacherous Orchestra, Jamie Smith’s MABON, Blazin’ Fiddles, Hazmat Modine, VärttinäWinter-WilsonChris QuinnJim CausleyMartin Green (featuring The Unthanks singer Becky Unthank on ‘Crow’s Bones and upcoming ‘Flit’ album), London Klezmer Quartet, Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage, and Cocos Lovers.

He has also worked in recent years with Chris Wood, Lucy Ward, Patsy Matheson, Martha Tilston, Fabian Holland, Robb Johnson, Gentle Men project, Yasmin Levy, Fiona Rutherford, Naomi Bedford, Gavin Marwick, Camille, Boubacar Traoré, Dengue FeverLila Downs, ALAW, Malick Pathé Sow, Emily Portman, The Outside Track, Rachel Hair Trio, Dan Walsh, Walsh & Pound, Blair Dunlop, Ashley Hutchings, The Shee, Wes FinchWill Varley, Brendan Power, Benjamin William Pike, Troy Faid, and many, many other fine musicians, singers and groups over the past three decades.

He handled PR on several key albums by the likes of Rachel Unthank & The Winterset, (then later as) The Unthanks (including the group’s Mercury Prize nomination), Mariza and The Imagined Village. In the 1990s, his PR with Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill on the duo's ‘The Lonesome Touch’ secured them an appearance on Later… With Jools on BBC 2 TV. Back in the early 1990s, he did PR for UK visits by the legendary Richard Berry (writer of the classic, much covered song 'Louie Louie') and The Fugs Ed Sanders. 

From 2016, John will be restricting himself to between only 10 - 12 PR campaigns each year. If you have a project that you think may be interesting and should be one of them, feel free to contact him by phone, text, email or Facebook private message (details below).


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SARAH HAYES has a brand new, début album ‘Woven’ (New Voices) out on Friday 20 November 2015.  


Woven is the début album from Sarah Hayes - the Northumberland-raised, Glasgow-based folk singer, musician and composer better known as a multi-instrumentalist with the mighty Admiral Fallow.

Woven was first performed at Celtic Connections in 2014, where it was commissioned as part of the festival’s visionary New Voices series – designed to produce new work from artists on the Scottish traditional music scene.

Thematically, Woven explores how the experiences, relationships and events in our lives shape and form the fabric of what we are. Informed in part by the profound effects her grandmother’s dementia had on the family Sarah then took the analogy further, using the idea of wear and tear, fraying and unravelling to examine how our sense of self, place and purpose can become eroded; and in turn our identity as defined by the relationship we have to others.

Each song on Woven reflects one of several themes that are at once personal and universal: love, loss, contentment, hardship, friendship, infidelity, perseverance, ageing and acceptance. Many of the songs are purposefully familiar, such as the traditional Deep In Love and Fall Of The Leaf, chosen because their topics have endured and connected for hundreds of years. All except the stark Four Loom Weaver and Sair Fyel’d Hinny (found in the Northumbrian Minstrelsy), have been wrapped in fresh melodies by Sarah.


The album was conceived as a cohesive whole, designed to be listened to in its entirety – as it was in its first performance. Musically, Woven has three main elements: traditional songs in new settings, new tunes in traditional forms and through-composed instrumental passages. Motifs recur, a rhythmic cell crops up in different guises, and melodies and chord progressions reappear in altered forms throughout.

Rebuilding the work in the studio, Sarah crafted new layers, honed the arrangements and manipulated sounds. The result is a varied, inventive and emotionally stirring work that brings to mind the sophisticated light and shade of Lau, the skewed time signatures of Thom Yorke and the direct connection to these mysterious and sad old songs of Sam Amidon or Alasdair Roberts.

Accompanying Sarah’s voice, flute, piano and whistles are Fiona MacAskill on fiddle, Mairearad Green on accordion, Ali Hutton on guitar, James Lindsay on double bass and Phil Hague on drums. The album was recorded by Angus Lyon and mixed by Iain Hutchison.

“There’s a weave of my own musical influences and experience running through the heart of this album. Having been so close to the music for the past couple of years I’ve found it’s taken on new life and depth of meaning that will continue to evolve.”

4-stars review by Robin Denselow of Sarah Hayes ‘Woven' in THE GUARDIAN

Interview with Sarah Hayes by Alan Morrison in THE HERALD, Scotland

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